IoT Network for Automation of
Machinery and Fixed Asset
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xensor is an IoT device capable of setting network with lower cost, harvest data from cumbersome management points and trade these data.

Business Model

1. Fire detection
2. Water leak
3. Power outage
4. Malfunction
5. Control

Data Market

1. Insurance
2. Investment Bank
3. Goverment

IoT Network

1. POS
2. Light Control
3. Parking Charge

be developed in Asset Surveillance, Asset Auto Control, Network Establishment and Xensor Data Market
in sequence. Remember, we already have our product installed in more than 100+ buildings!

Token Economics
Utility XSOR
Hardcap : 50M XSR

Type : Utility

Utility : Digital Currency for Data Marketplace
Stable XSOR Dollar
Hardcap : 1:1 to cash deposit of xensordollar bank account

Issuance : Unlimited

Type : Utility

Utility : currency to charge IoT services within Xensor Network

5% of XSOR Dollar Revenue from Xensor Network Services will buyback XSOR from the market.

Daryl Lee CEO

Publisher at theGEAR
Member at Judicial
Information and
Development Committee
of Supreme court
Council Member of Songdo
Blockchain forum

Joongsu Sim COO

ACOO of xenixstudio
Business Development Manager of APIS

Yeongho Kim CTO

CTO at xenixstudio
CTO at xenixmedia
Master of Engineering,
Computer Science
(Sungsil University)

Moonjoo Na CDO

CDO at xenixstudio
CDO at xenixmedia
CDO at Mahatra
CDO at nzple

Seunghwan Hwang Contents

Journalist of theGEAR
CMO at xenixstudio
CMO at xenixmedia
CMO at Mahatra

Mate Tokay, COO

COO at
CEO at
Regional sales manager at Superior
14 supplements

Justin Chung CoinBene Asia, CEO

CoinBene Asia Co-Founder&CEO
CoinBene Labs Co-Founder
BlockInside Capitial Co-Founder&CEO
Rockminer Korea Co-Founder&CEO


CEO at Evvo Group
CEO at Evvo IoT
Executive Director of CCM Group, SG
University of Texas, Austin

David S. Pan SDChain, CEO

CEO at SD Chain
Director of IoT Asia Marketing at Arm
Masters in Finance, Harvard
BA in UC Berkeley

Jinwook Shin Bitsonic, CEO

CEO at Bitsonic
CEO at Scoopmedia
CEO at DriveT
Adviser of IONIA

Jinwoo Noh Hexlant, CEO

Samsung Electronics Service Design
Operate blockchain custody
and wallet services
blockchain technology investment

Chikyu Bae CEO

Samsung games, CEO
Vice Chairman of Korea Blockchain Content Association
Vice Chairman of Korea Mobile Game Association

Business Roadmap Development Roadmap

xensor (XSR) can be traded on the following exchanges.

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